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Whitby Jet Specialists



We’ve worked with Whitby Jet for a long time. In this time, we’ve got to know the beautiful British gemstone really, really well. When working with something so closely, it’s hard to not become a specialist. From its rich history, impressive traits and unique origins, we’re very passionate about sharing our love for the stone with locals and tourists. We don't stop there, our online presence allows us to spread our creativity around the world too. 


Proud of our Heritage


Opening a boutique at the heart of the Whitby Jet industry is really special. It has allowed for us to really get to know everything there is to know about the British stone especially with the gem found on our local beaches by our trusted gem hunters. We’re proud of our town’s link to Whitby Jet honouring the gem in everything that we do. Our store is a celebration of the stone found on our shoreline allowing for us to become experts. 




Trained to a High Standard


It is our top priority that everyone is trained to meet our high standards. From those just joining the team to others who have been with us for years, we constantly provide learning opportunities to ensure that they are clued up on the gem. This provides the confidence and knowledge needed when on the shop floor or replying to email or online chat queries. 

Of course, the workshop team are experts when it comes to Whitby Jet. Handling the beautiful stone daily allows for them to get to know the small details. They understand how to handcraft the stone using tools and machinery to create the desired shape and bring out the high sheen that is adored. 




100% Genuine


We’ve dealt with enough Whitby Jet to spot the fakes. Therefore, you can trust that every piece that we use is 100% authentic. There are a lot of copycats on the shores. Amateurs can easily mistake coal or plastic for Jet so it’s best that you always buy from a reputable professional like us. We pride ourselves on only working with genuine Whitby Jet that is found on the 7.5 mile North Yorkshire coastline. The finest Jet around. 

If you’re after a beautifully handcrafted piece of Whitby Jet jewellery, you’ve come to the right place. We’re committed to making sure that we offer high quality, exquisite pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. 



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