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Albert's Restaurant

A luxurious dining experience.

Albert's Eatery - Whitby

Any visit to Whitby wouldn't be complete without visiting Albert's Eatery, housed within the walls of Whitby’s historic Wesley Hall on Church Street.

While Queen Victoria and her love of Whitby Jet presides over the Museum (of Whitby Jet), it is her husband Prince Albert who has inspired their charming restaurant. Albert's expertly trained chefs specialise in using only the finest produce and local ingredients to make their menu as appetising as it can possibly be. Albert's are fully licensed to sell fine wines and beers to compliment their great seafood menu too!

Located inside Wesley Hall on Whitby’s cobbled Church Street, Alberts Eatery was included as part of the incredible restoration that took place at the beginning of 2015 when W Hamond took over the iconic Wesley Hall to restore it to its former glory. With an already unbreakable bond to the seaside town, W Hamond knew that they must do the building justice by resorting it properly and as closely to the original state as possible.

Amongst several changes to the building, including the Museum of Whitby Jet and the Whitby Jet library, W Hamond decided that Albert’s Restaurant would make the perfect addition to the main hall. It’s seafood-based menu is inspired by the historic fishing town it resides in while its name honours Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria who took to wearing Whitby Jet jewellery in remembrance of him after his passing in 1861.

Albert’s Restaurant not only lets you dine on a unique and mouth-watering menu, but it lets you do this surrounded by the history and character of Wesley’s main hall. Enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner while embracing the history of Whitby Jet and admiring the collections of antique jewellery that remain on display in the restaurant.

We strongly recommend booking in advance for Albert’s Restaurant, especially during peak seasons to avoid disappointment. Please let them know of any special dietary requirements so they can cater for your needs. To book yourself a table or for any other enquiries, contact us on 01947 667 453 or at info@albertseatery.co.uk.

For seasonal opening hours, reviews and some pictures of their fabulous dishes, visit www.albertseatery.co.uk, on facebook and Tripadvisor


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