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Things to do in Whitby

For a small seaside town there’s so much to do. It’s made quite a name for itself with its beautiful beaches, rich history and link to Jet. It’s been a popular destination for tourists since the Victorian age. We can see why many love our town just as much as we do. We have so many recommendations for when you’re in Whitby.  


Visit Whitby Abbey



Climbing the famous 199 steps to reach the Whitby Abbey ruins is a must whilst staying in the town. The breathtaking views at the top is worth the climb as is exploring the monastery finding out the history of the Abbey that is always watching over the town. It has links to the Gothic novel Dracula written by Bram Stoker - just one of the iconic names linked to Whitby. 


Complete the Sculpture Trail 




Get to know our town so much better by completing the Whitby Sculpture Trail. Visit the nine steel wired characters throughout the town and find out their part to play in Whitby’s history. Designed by the North Yorkshire sculptor, Emma Stothard, the impressive sculpture’s are a welcome addition to the town and definitely worth checking out. 


Take a dip




…or relax on the sand. We love being so close to the coast for either a windy walk along the beach or a lie down in the sunshine. Keep an eye out for any Whitby Jet along the coastline especially after a stormy night. Our trusted hunters find our Jet on the local beaches yet have the advantage of knowing exactly where to look. 


Tuck in 




After a fun filled day at the beach or exploring the town, an award winning fish and chip supper is the only way to end the day. You’re spoilt for choice in Whitby with lots of restaurants to choose from. After all, it wouldn’t be a trip to the seaside without the traditional local cuisine. Do book a table in the busier months as we all know how unpredictable the weather is. 


Attend a festival




If you’re lucky enough to visit during a festival, make sure you get involved. During the Goth weekend, Whitby is filled with terrifying yet amazing costumes wondering the cobbled streets. Everyone really goes for it, where an everyday outfit would look out of place. Let’s not forget Christmas when Whitby is transformed into a magical winter wonderland. It’s not one to miss. 


Pop in




We’d love to see you. Meeting our lovely customers is one our favourite parts of the job. We love introducing you to our Whitby Jet collections and sharing our love for the gem that is found right here on the shoreline. Chatting to our loyal customers is equally as lovely. Nothing beats meeting you all in person. 


Get to know Captain Cook




There’s many famous faces and explorers that you’ll have heard of that have a strong link to Whitby. Whether they lived here or visited for a while, Captain Cook is an adventurer who resided in the town. They’ve now turned the place where he settled for a while into a museum and you can spend the afternoon getting to know the seafarer much better. 


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