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Museum of Whitby Jet

Discover the History & Heritage of Whitby Jet.

Museum of Whitby Jet

If visiting Whitby and want a definitive insight into Whitby Jet, we highly recommend a visit to The Museum of Whitby Jet on Church Street - just a 2-minute walk from our boutique.

As the Town's Original Whitby Jet Shop, W Hamond has acquired an unrivalled collection of antique Whitby Jet including antique jewellery, ornaments and the world’s largest piece of Whitby Jet found to date. Through the accumulation of such an impressive collection, they decided to open their very own museum. The Museum of Whitby Jet was developed with the hope to exhibit the jet-black stone and educate the public in its significance.

The Museum of Whitby Jet is located in the heart of Whitby’s old town and is home to an unrivalled collection of Whitby Jet and other important historical items surrounding the Whitby Jet industry. The collections are always changing with new pieces of antique Whitby Jet being discovered every day, meaning no two visits to the museum are ever the same.

They believe that teaching the history and heritage of one of the UK’s most famous gemstones is imperative to future generations. Therefore, they are always happy to accommodate school parties and offer exclusive access to the private library and resrources for anyone interested in learning more about this precious gemstone.

The Renovation of Wesley Hall
In 2015, filled with excitement and apprehension, W Hamond took over the iconic Wesley Hall with the intention of restoring it to its former glory. Located in the centre of Whitby town, this monumental building has an unbreakable connection to the history and heritage of our seaside town, so it was of the upmost importance to W Hamond that it was restored properly and as closely to its original state as possible.

Despite the enormity of the project, they were determined to restore the hall to a condition where it would not need to be touched again for another hundred years. To do this, it was quickly decided that no expense would be spared, and any improvements made would be matched as closely as possible to the original aesthetics of the building. Wesley Hall is such a beautiful structure already that they couldn’t bring ourselves to replace original features with modern alternatives. Instead, any improvements would continue to compliment the rest of the building’s historic features.

Amongst the many changes and improvements to the hall, they have implemented new disabled access to the side of the building as well as a stunning spiral staircase that allows access to the upstairs library and Whitby Jet archives. As well the Museum of Whitby Jet, you can also find Albert’s Eatery housed within Wesley Hall. Surrounded by so much character, the seafood restaurant is the perfect place to indulge in the history of Whitby as well as tasty, local ingredients.

For further details on the Museum of Whitby visit www.museumofwhitbyjet.com I Telephone: 01947 667 453. Find us on Tripadvisor 


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