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Araucaria – Whitby Jet “Designer Collections”

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Whitby Jet Designer Collections

For anyone who has visited Whitby can testify, the town has no shortage of boutiques, gift shops and attractions selling ‘Whitby Jet’ jewellery and souvenirs. Whitby Jet has been a part of the appeal and economy of the local area for over a century and can be found in a wide range of products ranging from a few pounds to tens of thousands of pounds depending on just how discerning and savvy those in search of genuine Whitby Jet and real craftmanship want to be.

Whitby Jet Araucaria Workshop

At Araucaria, we are passionate about preserving and embracing the history and value of Whitby Jet – one of our country’s most prized gemstones - and through our collections, we feel we can offer something distinctly different. By the nature of the restricted source for its retrieval, alongside the quality process we undertake to ensure only the finest quality material is used, the Whitby Jet gemstone is a rarer commodity than diamonds and we feel that any piece made from genuine Whitby Jet should reflect that fact and not be undervalued by cheap imitations and poorly crafted and common jewellery designs.

Whitby Jet Araucaria Cross Hearts Collection

Whether you are visiting us at our Church Street boutique or shopping online, we strive to maintain the highest quality of British manufactured jewellery and use only genuine Whitby Jet in the wide selection of our handcrafted designs. Look at any piece in our ‘Designer Collections’ and you can immediately see the high level of craftsmanship it has taken to form and work the shapes required. From the various sizes of heart shapes in our popular Cross Hearts collection to the smooth, bold and distinctive cut Whitby Jet as featured in our Foxtail designs, our in-house workshop takes great pride in each piece that it produces.

Whitby Jet Jewellery Toscana Collection

In addition to the care and detail taken in creating each unique piece, our Designer Collections are also branded by their individual inspiration or through a common design theme. The Toscana collection is another favourite collection of many customers and whilst it may have Italian influence in its design, the delicate hand-cut Whitby Jet set into each piece very much give its North Yorkshire and British appeal. 

Whitby Jet - Araucaria Flore Collection

Should you be searching for a more contemporary design selection, then we would highly recommend a look at Flore. Created by our in-house designer - Rebecca Sellors –describes the collection as “A striking, feminine collection which explores the marriage between architecture and nature”. It has a fabulous selection of all the essential pieces needed for a personal jewellery collection through a range of matching earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces.

We have only highlighted above a few pieces which feature in our ‘Designer Collections’ listing – which currently has 15 different collections to explore – and would highly recommend this as a good place to start should it be your first time shopping at Araucaria, or your ‘go to’ list for should you be a seasoned visitor.


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